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    China strives to achieve 24.1% forest coverage by

     Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 19 (reporter Hu Lu) - the State Forestry and grass administration and the national development and Reform Commission recently jointly issued the outline of the "14th five year plan" for forestry and grassland protection and development, which proposed that by 2025, China's forest coverage will reach 24.1%, forest volume will reach 19 billion cubic meters, and grassland comprehensive vegetation coverage will reach 57%.

    The outline shows that China's ecological situation has improved significantly during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The forest coverage rate reached 23.04%, the forest volume reached 17.56 billion cubic meters, the comprehensive vegetation coverage of grassland reached 56.1%, the wetland protection rate reached 52%, and 150 million mu of sandy land was controlled. The pilot task of the national park system has been completed, the integration and optimization of nature reserves have been steadily promoted, and the population of more than 300 endangered wild animals and plants has steadily increased.
    During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the forest and grass industry grew steadily. The total output value of forest and grass industry exceeds 8 trillion yuan, forming three pillar industries with an annual output value of more than trillion yuan: economic forest, wood processing and forest tourism. Remarkable results have been achieved in ecological poverty alleviation. Measures such as ecological compensation, land greening and ecological industry have driven more than 20 million poor people out of poverty and increased their income.
    The outline proposes that, facing the "14th five year plan", China will scientifically carry out large-scale land greening actions, build a natural reserve system with national parks as the main body, strengthen the protection and restoration of grasslands, strengthen the protection and restoration of wetlands, strengthen the protection of wild animals and plants, scientifically promote the prevention and control of desertification, improve and strengthen the forest and grass industry, and strengthen the supervision and management of forest and grass resources, Promote the high-quality development of forest and grass.
    Source: Xinhuanet
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