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    How does "water ten" affect your daily life

     On April 16, the State Council issued the action plan for prevention and control of water pollution (hereinafter referred to as the "water ten articles"), which pointed out that at present, some areas in China have serious problems such as poor water environment quality, serious water ecological damage and many hidden dangers, which seriously affect and damage the health of the masses and are not conducive to the sustainable development of social economy.

    In view of the water quality problems concerned by the society, the "ten water rules" require the supervision of drinking water safety in the whole process from water source to tap. Local people's governments at all levels and water supply units shall regularly monitor, test and evaluate the drinking water safety status in their administrative areas, such as the drinking water sources, the water quality of water supply plants and users' taps. Cities at prefecture level and above shall be disclosed to the public every quarter since 2016. Since 2018, all county-level and above cities' drinking water safety information should be made public to the public.
    According to the division of responsibilities in the "ten articles on water", AQSIQ is mainly engaged in the following tasks: forbidding the production and sale of products and equipment that do not meet the water-saving standards; exempting key parts and raw materials necessary to be imported by domestic enterprises to produce large-scale environmental protection equipment supported by the state; and; To formulate and revise the environmental quality standards for groundwater, surface water and ocean, and discharge standards for pollutants such as urban sewage treatment, sludge treatment and disposal, and farmland drainage; and revise the relevant environmental protection standards for ships and their facilities and equipment by classification and classification.
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