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    How to consult the waste gas treatment company to

     Before consulting the waste gas treatment plan of the environmental protection company and selecting the waste gas treatment company, the preliminary preparation can help you avoid detours, greatly save your precious time and quickly get the waste gas treatment plan you want.

    1. Before consultation, the exhaust of the upgrading and transformation project of the enterprise shall be clear. For example, what kind of waste gas does the enterprise exhaust belong to, what waste gas components do they have, how much exhaust volume, how high the concentration and temperature are. For new projects, the EIA report and its waste gas design parameters can be provided to the environmental protection company.
    2. Understand the environmental protection policies such as local air pollutant control and emission standards of local enterprises.
    3. We should also have a general understanding of the selection and use of enterprise waste gas treatment equipment. In particular, due to the different nature of waste gas and the different amount of exhaust gas, the devices and models of waste gas treatment equipment selected in different industries are also different.
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