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    Analyze the characteristics and precautions of ind

     Industrial production produces a large amount of industrial waste gas, which requires industrial waste gas treatment equipment to deal with these different industrial waste gases. The general waste gas treatment equipment mainly deals with benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, acetone, butanone, ethanol, acrylic acid, industrial waste gas, formaldehyde and other organic waste gases, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, Ammonia and other acid-base waste gas treatment. Characteristics of industrial waste gas treatment equipment:

    Reasonable structure, compact, moderate volume, light weight, long material selection life, simple maintenance and low cost of consumables. It is equipped with intelligent overload protection devices such as over humidity, over temperature and short circuit, with low resistance, low noise, low energy consumption, high reliability and high waste gas treatment efficiency. It can be designed and installed on site according to different environments, different conditions and specific current situation to optimize the environment.
    Precautions for industrial waste gas treatment equipment:
    The left side of the waste gas treatment equipment is in the direction of air inlet, and the temperature of waste gas is controlled below 60 ° C. Because too high temperature will affect the purification effect and equipment service life. The purifier is installed in front of the fan, and the front end of the purifier is provided with paint removal paper to degrade large particles in organic waste gas, so as to ensure the internal cleanliness and service life of the purifier and prolong the maintenance time.
    If the purifier is installed on the support, it shall be firmly connected with the support; The connection between the purifier and the exhaust pipe must be sealed; The purifier can be installed indoors or outdoors, but there should be enough water
    Space for maintenance and repair; The equipment shall be maintained and cleaned regularly according to the service conditions. The purifier box shall be reliably grounded; It is not allowed to bump the ultraviolet tube during installation, and foreign matters are strictly prohibited to fall in the purifier; All electrical appliances in the purifier body and electric cabinet shall be connected reliably.
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