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    How to deal with the waste gas produced by electro

     During the drying operation of the electrophoresis line, organic waste gas will be generated. The waste gas generated by the electrophoresis line is mainly from three aspects: the first is in the spraying process, the second is in the drying process, and the third is the paint mist link in the spraying process. During the drying process, some thermal decomposition products of polymers will be produced. According to the previous experience of treating electrophoresis drying waste gas, Henglan environmental protection will introduce several methods for treating electrophoresis drying waste gas, hoping to help you in dealing with the waste gas of electrophoresis assembly line.

    The waste gas components and main harmful substances produced during electrophoresis drying mainly include benzene, toluene, xylene, esters, ketones, alcohols, amines, aldehydes and isocyanates.
    1. Direct combustion method: use the characteristics of waste gas combustion; 2. Catalytic oxidation method: use the organic solvent in the waste gas to have a violent oxidation reaction with the catalytic steam to generate harmless water and carbon dioxide;
    3. Activated carbon absorption method: it uses the characteristics of large surface area and strong adsorption capacity of activated carbon to adsorb harmful substances in waste gas;
    4. Water adsorption method: the process of transferring harmful substances from gas phase to liquid phase through molecular diffusion between gas phase and liquid phase;
    5. Solvent adsorption method: with liquid as adsorbent, use the mutual attraction between molecules or two phases to separate harmful substances in waste gas.
    The above describes five methods used for the treatment of electrophoresis drying waste gas. In the electrophoresis assembly line, in addition to the treatment of waste gas, it is also necessary to purify the waste water in order to meet the requirements of the environmental protection department.
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