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    Waste water treatment cost of chemical plant

     1、 Common over standard indexes of chemical plant wastewater

    Chemical wastewater refers to process wastewater, cooling water, waste gas washing water, equipment and site flushing water discharged from chemical production. If these wastewater are discharged without treatment, it will cause different properties and degrees of pollution of water bodies, which will endanger human health and affect industrial and agricultural production. Common indicators exceeding the standard: ammonia nitrogen, COD, phosphorus, heavy metals and other indicators exceed the standard.
    2、 Common chemicals for wastewater treatment in chemical plants
    Ammonia nitrogen - ammonia nitrogen remover; Cod-cod remover; Phosphorus - phosphorus remover; Heavy metals - heavy metal capture agents
    3、 Waste water treatment cost of chemical plant
    in summary; After years of experience in wastewater treatment of chemical plants, Xijie engineer has obtained; Generally, the treatment cost is only increased by about 2 ~ 3 yuan in the case of the original foundation.
    Note: the actual cost shall be calculated according to the actual concentration and reagent
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