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    Waste gas treatment technology of container painti

     Container is a kind of commonly used transportation equipment, which brings great convenience to the transportation of goods. However, in the production and installation of containers, there is the emission of waste gas from coating, which will seriously affect the environment and human health, and also bring certain potential safety risks. So today's waste gas treatment equipment will introduce the waste gas treatment technology of container coating line for you.

    At present, the main ways to control VOCs Pollution in container industry are terminal treatment methods catalytic combustion method and adsorption recovery method.
    Combustion method is to guide VOCs in the production process to the combustion chamber through an organized system, and then burn them into fully oxidized carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and other oxide gases through high temperature (requiring high temperature above 850 ℃). If the VOCs concentration is lower than a certain value of VOCs, VOCs can not enter the combustion chamber completely. As a result, either high energy is added to the combustion chamber to maintain high temperature, or the combustion chamber is allowed to drop without complete combustion. It is considered that the former needs to produce higher combustion cost (higher environmental protection cost), while the latter will emit Benzene oxides which are more harmful to human body.
    Catalytic combustion method refers to: in order to maintain a high concentration of VOCs entering the combustion chamber, a mechanism provides an adsorption and desorption device to concentrate the low concentration waste gas in the production process into a high concentration VOCs gas, and then send it to the combustion chamber for combustion. However, the investment of this kind of device is large, and it also needs higher operation cost.
    The adsorption recovery method is a further innovation inspired by the concentration recovery method. The principle is to capture VOCs molecules through specific adsorption materials. After reaching a certain concentration, VOCs molecules are desorbed by high temperature steam, and the obtained high concentration VOCs water vapor is separated into liquid organic solvent and water through fractionation and other technologies. The waste gas treatment equipment editor tells you that the organic solvent separated is actually the main solvent material of the coating, so it can be reused in the coating preparation and coating process, realizing the recycling of VOCs.
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