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    Integrated MBR membrane treatment equipment

    MBR membrane bioreactor integrated equipment is a new water treatment technology combining membrane separation technology and biotechnology. It USES membrane separation equipment to intercept the activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter in the biochemical reaction tank, so as to save the secondary sedimentation tank. The membrane bioreactor process greatly enhances the function of the bioreactor through membrane separation technology, greatly increases the concentration of activated sludge, and its hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT) can be controlled separately.

    Technical Features:

    1. High removal rate of pollutants, strong resistance to sludge bulking, stable and reliable effluent quality, no suspended matter in effluent;

    2. Membrane bioreactor realizes the control of sludge age SRT and hydraulic residence time HRT respectively, so its design and operation are greatly simplified;

    3. The mechanical interception of the membrane avoids the loss of microorganisms, and the bioreactor can maintain a high sludge concentration, so as to improve the volume load and reduce the sludge load, with a strong impact resistance;

    4. Because SRT is very long, the bioreactor plays a role of "sludge nitration tank", thus significantly reducing sludge yield, low residual sludge yield and low sludge treatment cost;

    5. Due to membrane closure, SRT is prolonged, creating microorganisms that are conducive to slow proliferation. For example, the environment where nitrifying bacteria grow can improve the nitrification capacity of the system, and at the same time help to improve the treatment efficiency of refractory macromolecular organic matter and promote its thorough decomposition;

    6. The activated sludge of MBR aeration tank will not be lost with the outflow of water. In the process of operation, the activated sludge will change due to the change in the concentration of organic matter entering the tank, and a dynamic balance will be reached, which makes the effluent stable and has the characteristics of impact load resistance;

    7. The larger hydraulic cycle leads to the even mixing of sewage, so that the activated sludge has a good dispersion, greatly improving the specific surface area of activated sludge. ;The high dispersion of activated sludge in MBR system is another reason to improve the effect of water treatment. This is difficult to compare with the larger micelles formed by common biochemical water treatment technology;

    8. Membrane bioreactor is easy to be integrated, easy to realize automatic control and easy to operate and manage;

    9. MBR process omitted the secondary sedimentation tank to reduce the floor area.

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