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    Sump capping
    Sump cap:

    Sump cover also called sump cover, odor collection cover. For FRP raw materials, with anti-corrosion flame retardant, consolidate anti-aging, light weight, easy equipment, no protection, insulation and other characteristics.

    Stainless steel frame + frp plate:

    The FRP cover is a kind of cover made of FRP. From the comprehensive point of view, frp cover plate with absolute advantage to occupy the first position. Although not as strong as some metal cover, but its anti-corrosion performance is far from the metal cover. In the bearing capacity is far better than the wooden cover and plastic cover, design, safety performance is far better than the above-mentioned several cover. FRP cover plate is mainly used for laying ditches, walkways, power plants, Sewage Treatment, stairways more.

    Working principle:

    The waste gas treatment of sewage pond is to add a gas collecting hood over the sewage pond. At the moment, the waste gas in the sewage pond is separated from the air, an air outlet is added on the surface of the gas collecting hood, and a ventilation pipe is provided. The waste gas enters the waste gas purification tower through the ventilation pipe, in order to increase the collection of waste gas, a glass fiber reinforced plastic fan is installed in front of the purification tower. The exhaust gas is inhaled into the purification tower by the fan. The waste gas is sprayed in two stages in the tower. If the waste gas is acidic, the Alkali liquor is used to recycle and absorb it, if the waste gas is alkaline, acid liquid is used to recycle the spray absorption, waste gas treatment power of more than 90% , discharge to the relevant occupational norms.

    Sewage pool capping process exhaust process principle, adding glass fiber reinforced plastic cover over the sewage pool, sewage pool at this time from the air, the waste gas in the shield surface add air outlet, and installation of ventilation pipes, exhaust gas by ventilation pipe into the waste gas purification tower, to increase the gas collection, installation of glass fiber reinforced plastic before purification tower fan, the fan will suction exhaust purification tower, the waste gas in the Canon of two-stage spray, if acidic waste gas by alkali liquor circulation absorption, if the waste alkaline acid circulation is adopted spray absorption, exhaust gas treatment efficiency up to 90% above, emissions meet the national standards and industry standards.

    Technical characteristics of GRP gas collecting hood:

    All glass fiber reinforced plastic material, with anti-corrosion and flame retardant, Strong anti-slip, light weight, easy installation, maintenance-free, insulation and other excellent characteristics.

    1. STRONG ANTI-CORROSION ABILITY: This product is made of anti-acid, Alkali and anti-corrosion Resin as basic material, adopting excellent curing formula, advanced curing technology, and according to the shape of each sewage pond, determine the specific mold as the molding external mold curing molding.

    2. low cost, long service life: compared with other sewage pond deodorization program, low cost, installation and construction simple, long service life.

    3. light weight, high strength, easy installation: the specific gravity of GFRP gas collecting cover is only 1/3 to 1/4 of steel products, high curing degree, heavy load, high strength, suitable for large-span pool body, at the same time cover plate can be divided into a number of small pieces, easy transportation and installation. 

    4. Beautiful, anti-aging: This product uses anti-aging, weather-resistant, anti-uv Gel coat resin, smooth surface, beautiful, bright color, service life of more than 20 years.

    5. operation and maintenance costs low, easy maintenance: due to this product has high corrosion resistance, aging, do not have to be as regular maintenance of metal products, so the cost is greatly reduced. The observation window and the maintenance door are reserved on the gas collecting hood for convenient maintenance by workers and do not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

    6. strong design: According to the specific circumstances of the pool product size can be flexible design, the shape can be made into arc cover, round cover, flat cover and other GFRP gas collecting covers. The application scope is suitable for deodorizing the sewage pond of oil, chemical industry, urban sewage treatment, medicine, food, metallurgy, compound fertilizer, light textile printing and dyeing, etc. .

    The specification of the FRP cover plate is the same as that of the frp Grille, except that the corresponding specification has been increased by 2mm. For example, the size of the frp Grille is 25/30/38/50/60/70, and the size of the frp cover plate is 27/32/40/52/62/72.

    The color of frp cover plate can also be customized mixing paste, according to the use of demand. The specific specifications and prices please refer to the data of Lok Tong frp Grille.

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