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    Biological tank deodorization
    Equipment description:

    Biological deodorization box based on microbial adhesion and growth of permanent large surface area of the biological stuffing, the microorganisms in the suitable environment, in the biological filler surface biofilm formation, the biofilm microorganisms using inorganic and organic matter in waste gas as carbon and energy source, via the degradation of maintaining its life activities, foul-smelling substances and foul-smelling substances decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, water, minerals and other odourless, achieve the goal of VOCs purification treatment.

    Working principle:

    The optimized combination process of "washing + biochemistry" was adopted in the biological deodorization waste gas treatment plant. The core of the device is a biocatalytic oxidation bed. The biocatalytic oxidation bed can reduce the activation energy of biochemical reaction by catalyzing enzyme, and improve the biochemical degradation rate of malodorous substance. The high efficiency deodorizing bacteria have strong pertinence to benzene series and high removal efficiency. The circulating water system is made of low concentration industrial sewage, no biological nutrient solution is added during operation, and the simultaneous treatment of water and gas pollutants is realized with low operation cost and no secondary pollution is produced.

    1. The waste odorous gas first comes into contact with water (liquid phase) , because the concentration difference between gas phase and liquid phase and the solubility of odorous substance in liquid phase make the odorous substance enter liquid phase (or liquid film) from gas phase.

    2. odorous substances entering the biological layer (or liquid film) on the surface of a liquid or solid are absorbed by microorganisms.

    3. odorous substances that enter microbial cells are broken down as energy and nutrients in the Microbial metabolism process and converted into harmless, simple substances that generate energy in the process, it provides energy for the growth and reproduction of the microorganism in the filter tower, and makes the conversion of the waste odor continue. Microorganisms exist in the form of population. Many kinds of microorganisms cohabit in one environment. The characteristics of microorganisms are similar and different. Different pollutants can be found in nature. Therefore, a set of devices can be simultaneously processed to purify a variety of pollutants. Biological bacteria will lead to degradation of pollutants into carbon dioxide and water, no secondary pollution.

    When environmental conditions change, some of the microbes die and some of them survive. Survival of the microorganisms after a short period of reproduction, can develop into a dominant bacteria. Therefore, the biological filter treatment can bear the impact load, when the concentration of pollution increases, the treatment effect decreases in a short time, but can quickly return to normal.

    Technical characteristics:

    1. Strong microbial activity, long life of Biological Filler, large surface area, biofilm easy to grow, corrosion resistance, biodegradation resistance, good moisture retention, high porosity, small pressure loss and good water distribution, etc. , the service life can reach 8-10 years.

    2, the equipment is simple to operate, realize the automatic control craft to run according to the PLC setting to realize the complete automation, the movement is stable, the unmanned management, May 24 hours continuous movement, also is suitable for the intermittent movement.

    3. Less energy consumption in operation. Due to the good moisture retention performance of the Filler, intermittent operation of spray water, less water consumption. The packing itself is resistant to biological corrosion, and the packing itself has no loss, so it can run stably for a long time.

    4. The technology of Deodorization is advanced and reasonable, and there is no secondary pollution. The deodorization rate of biological deodorizer is over 95% . It can meet the most strict requirements of deodorization and environmental protection in any season and climate. The emission products are harmless to human beings and animals, and are environmentally friendly technologies.

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