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    UV photooxygen catalytic equipment
    Working principle:

    UV photooxygen catalytic equipment is the production of a specific band of high-energy light quantum, the use of high-energy high ozone UV ultraviolet beam (hereinafter referred to as UV ultraviolet beam) cracking waste gas molecular structure, the molecular chain of organic polymer compounds break, into CO2, H2O and other low molecular inorganic compounds. Through the aurora-free quantum can flow to purify the exhaust gas molecular chain of specialized technology. UV ultraviolet beam can split oxygen molecules in the air to generate free oxygen (namely reactive oxygen species), because of the free oxygen carrying positive and negative electron imbalance so need to combine with oxygen molecules, ozone production. The reaction equation is as follows: UV+O2→ O-O * (reactive oxygen species)O O2→O3(ozone)

    Compared with other waste gas treatment equipment, photo-oxygen catalytic equipment can not only purify organic waste gas but also disinfect and kill bacteria, which benefits from the strong oxidation of high-energy ozone UV rays in the device, and can destroy the DNA molecular structure of bacteria and viruses.

    In the field of purifying organic waste gas, photooxygen catalytic equipment can deal with the waste gas components: Ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methanethiol, methanethiol, methanethiol, butyl Acetate, ethyl Acetate, dimethyl disulfide, carbon disulfide, styrene, sulfide, VOC, benzene, toluene, xylene and so on!

    Technical features:

    1、Highly efficient degradation of organic chemicals: High efficient removal of Volatile organic compound, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, Mercaptan and other major pollutants, as well as a variety of odors, deodorization efficiency can reach more than 90% , the effect of Deodorization is much better than the national discharge standard of Odor pollutants (GB14554 -- 93) .

    2、Do not need to add any material: only need to set the corresponding exhaust duct and exhaust power, so that the gas through the equipment to deodorize decomposition purification, do not need to add any material to participate in chemical reactions.

    3、Strong adaptability: can adapt to the concentration, large air volume, different organic gas purification, 24 hours a day continuous work, stable and reliable operation.

    4、Low operating cost: The equipment without any mechanical action, no noise, no need for special care, only for regular maintenance.

    Specification reference:

    Can Be widely used;

    1、Bone Glue, kraft pulp, oil refining, coking, petrochemical, Gas Treatment;

    2、Food ingredients, flavors, pharmaceutical, pesticide, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, rubber, nitrogen fertilizer, nitric acid, coking;

    3、Leather, paint, solvent, ink printing, garbage disposal, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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