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    Spray tower(Swirl Plate Tower)
    Equipment description:

    Cyclone Plate Tower Cyclone Plate Tower is a kind of spray type tray scrubber, which is based on the characteristics of cyclone and water film scrubber respectively, the special process equipment for smoke elimination and dust removal, which integrates smoke elimination, desulfurization, dust removal and dust and water separation, is formed after organic combination. The spray system adopts two-stage (multi-stage) atomizing spray to make full contact between gas and liquid. The device can be made of stainless steel plate, galvanized steel plate, A3 carbon steel plate, PP plate according to the composition of the waste gas and the requirements of the owner.The purification efficiency is above 95% .

    The cyclone plate tower is mainly composed of tower body, built-in Cyclone Plate, liquid distributor, middle support and redistributor, gas and liquid inlet and outlet nozzle, etc.

    Technical features:


    1. There is a large contact area and a certain contact time between gas and liquid;

    2. The disturbance between gas and liquid is strong, the absorption resistance is small, and the absorption efficiency is high;

    3. The operation is stable, and the operation flexibility is appropriate;

    4. The structure is simple, easy to manufacture and maintain, low cost, Long Service Life;

    5. no scaling, no clogging, wear resistance, corrosion resistance;

    6. Low energy consumption.

    Can Be widely used:Sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfur oxides (SOx) , nitrogen oxide, carbon oxides (CO, CO2) and other acidic gases emitted during production in the chemical, light, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, steel, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, electroplating and other industrial sectors, using JYSJ series of acid mist purification equipment, can get satisfactory results.

    Working principle:

    Organic waste gas after collection, the tower plate under the action of negative pressure fan blades, such as fixed windmill blades, generated when the airflow through the blade rotation and eccentric exercise, absorbing liquid evenly distributed to each blade through the middle and form a thin liquid layer, and spinning up, the effect of the airflow form rotation and centrifugal spray into tiny droplets, towards the tower wall.The droplet is collected to the tank under the action of gravity and flows to the blind plate area of the next tray through the downcomer.The treated airflow with certain wind pressure and speed enters from the bottom of the tower and exits from the top.The absorbing fluid enters and leaves the tower at the top.The flow and absorption liquid move in relative motion in the tower, and a water film with large surface area is formed in the structure of the hydrocyclone tray, thus the absorption effect is greatly enhanced.The absorbing liquid of each layer falls into the collecting tank at the edge through the swirling centrifugal action, and then enters the next layer tray through the guide tube for the absorption of the next layer.

    The main mechanisms are inertial collision of dust particles and droplet, centrifugal separation and liquid film adhesion.This kind of tray has higher load, larger processing capacity, lower pressure drop and greater operation flexibility due to its larger opening rate and allowing high-speed airflow to pass through.The gas-liquid contact time is short, which is suitable for the process of gas-liquid diffusion control, such as gas-liquid direct contact heat transfer, rapid reaction absorption and so on.Therefore, the desulfurizer used in the desulfurization process should be of rapid reaction and absorption type, not suitable for the desulfurizer with slower reaction speed, such as calcium carbonate.

    A primary spray device is designed at the entrance of the flue duct. When the flue gas passes through the entrance flue, it carries on mass transfer and heat transfer with the water mist formed by the spray arranged in the entrance flue duct section, so as to get the initial cooling and remove part of sulfur dioxide, and tangentially enter into the absorption tower.In the absorption tower, the flue gas is accelerated and cycled by the cyclone pneumatic device, and the flue gas and the atomized absorption liquid have comprehensive effects such as collision, adhesion, condensation, centrifugal separation, etc., and are thrown to the tower wall, and flow to the tower bottom along with the water film on the tower wall.Through the setting of cyclone pneumatic device, the number of rotation and path growth of flue gas in the cylinder with the same height are increased, the gas turbulence is intense, and the flue gas and absorption liquid are fully collided, contacted, dissolved and absorbed in time and space.To achieve purification efficiency.

    Specification reference:

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