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    Spray tower (Packing tower)
    Equipment description:

    Packing tower:taking the packing as the basic component of gas and liquid contact and mass transfer, the liquid flows from top to bottom on the surface of the packing in the form of film, while the gas flows from bottom to top with the liquid in the form of continuous phase, and carries out mass transfer and heat transfer between gas and liquid.The composition concentration and temperature of two phases change continuously along the tower height.Packed column belongs to differential contact type of gas and liquid mass transfer equipment.

    Packed tower is also called packed tower.

    A class of mass transfer equipment commonly used in chemical production. It is mainly composed of cylindrical tower body and packing stacked in the tower (solid materials of various shapes, used to increase the area between two-phase fluid and enhance the mass transfer between two phases).

    Used for absorption, distillation, extraction, etc.

    The inner part of the tower, the packing and the tower body constitute a complete packed tower. The inner part of the tower is a part of the packed tower.

    The tower internals mainly include the following parts:

    1. Liquid distribution device;

    2. Packing compaction device;

    3. Packing support device;

    4. Liquid collection and redistribution and material inlet and outlet device;

    5. Gas feeding and distribution device;

    6. Defoaming device.

    Can be widely used in;Oil refining, petrochemical, fine chemical industry

    Working principle:

    Spray absorption belongs to two - phase reverse flow packed absorber.The waste gas enters the purification tower tangentially from the intake port at the bottom of the tower body. Under the power of the ventilator, it fills the intake space rapidly, and then rises uniformly through the flow sharing section to the first stage of waste gas purification and deodorant filler absorption section.On the surface of the filler for waste gas purification and deodorant, the waste gas in the gas phase reacts with the waste gas deodorant in the liquid phase, and the reaction produces the substance flowing into the lower storage tank with the absorption liquid.In the spray section, the deodorant is ejected from the nozzle of uniform cloth at high speed, forming numerous tiny fog drops, which are fully mixed with the gas to contact and continue to have chemical reactions.The upper part of the waste gas treatment tower is the defogging section, where the waste gas treatment and deodorant drops in the gas are removed, and the treated clean air is discharged into the atmosphere from the exhaust pipe at the top of the waste gas treatment tower.

    Design principle:

    The device can be made of stainless steel plate, galvanized steel plate, A3 carbon steel plate, PP plate and other materials according to the composition of the waste gas and the owner's requirements.

    Easy operation and maintenance, multi-level composite use purification efficiency are more than 95% .

    Technical features:

    ①、Wide application range of exhaust gas purification equipment;

    ②、High purification efficiency of waste gas;

    ③、Low resistance of exhaust gas purification equipment;

    ④、Waste gas treatment equipment occupies a small area.

    Specification reference:

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