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    Adsorption desorption catalytic combustion technology
    Design principle:

    A. adopts the combined process of adsorption concentration and catalytic combustion to realize the automation of purification and desorption process of the whole system. Compared with the recovery organic waste gas purification device, it does not need to be equipped with compressed air and other additional energy, and the operation process does not produce secondary pollution, with low equipment investment and operating cost.

    B. The use of specially formed honeycomb activated carbon as the adsorption material, due to its specific gravity as the bar activated carbon fiber 8-10 times, before adsorption organic solvent can reach 25% of the total weight of activated carbon, with a long service life, adsorption system operation resistance is low, high purification efficiency characteristics;

    C. High quality precious metal palladium and platinum are used as catalysts on honeycomb ceramics, with a catalytic combustion rate of over 97%, long catalyst life, low decomposition temperature, short desorption preheating time and low energy consumption.

    D. Adopts PLC control system, the equipment operation and operation process is fully automated, and the operation process is safe, stable and reliable.

    E. Before the activated carbon adsorption bed, dry filter is used to filter small particles, which has high purification efficiency and ensures the service life of the adsorption device.

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